Missions Prayer Sheet for July 2017

Prayer is Your Missionaries’ Greatest Need!

July 2017

Our Retired Missionaries

Virgil and Dolores Bunjer

  • Retired missionaries from Germany, living in Ankeny, IA

Allen and Marilyn Adler

  • Native American ministry, Townsend, MT.

Ron and Kathleen Weber

  • “Retired” in NJ after Church planting for 40 years in Brazil.

Joan Nichols

  • Living in Ankeny, formerly served in Latin America

Wyzetta Titus

  • Widow of Gerald Titus faithfully serving the homebound in her area of VA

Lois Wantoch

  • Serving in her Church in NE after years on the Amazon

Bonnie Abbas

  • Living with her sister in IA since leaving S.A. due to health reasons.


Missionaries We Support Financially and with Prayer

Darrel and Lori Jingst

  • EBI (Spanish Literature Publication) in Sebring, FL

Norman and Susan Smith family (www.smithlife.net)

  • Serving in Kumamoto, Japan – workers needed!
  • Seeking to build bridges to individuals and establish Churches.
  • The Smith Family plans to be in the States on a short furlough from mid-December through mid-March.                                                                        

Mike and Peggy Carr

  • Missionary Builders with CBM, building presently at Fort Ashby, W. Va.
  • The brickwork, taping, and mudding are nearly done. Finishing woodwork and the parking lot blacktop will be next after the trip to IA for CBM conference and to visit family.

Dan and Peggy Whitcher  (www.danandpeggy.com )

  • Church Planting and Development Coordinator, Baptist Mid-Missions
  • They received recognition at BMM Conference this month for their 35 years of missionary service.
  • Most of the next 5 months, the Whitchers will travel in the Midwest updating their supporters before they retire from full-time ministry.

Brad and Marie Hansen and family

  • Baptist Church Planters, Bussey, IA
  • Visit the church website: busseychurch.com

Dennis and Peggy Robinson,

  • CBM, Missionary Builders
  • The Robinsons were with the Carrs in W. VA for a month; pray for Dennis as he has ankle replacement surgery August 9.

Ed and Cheryl Bunt

  • CBM Church Planters, Chatsworth, Illinois
  • VBS is July 24-27th. Pray for the Boyle family as they come help the Bunts with this endeavor.
  • The Ladies’ Weekly Bible Study has resumed. The ladies held a shower for a couple that has been attending — they had a little girl arrive 3 months early and weigh in at just over a pound!


Missionaries We Support With Prayer

Lars and Phyllis Wessberg

  • Missionary Evangelism with C.O.M.E. Pray for them as they decide where/how God wants them to serve as they deal with the limitations of age.

Steve and Kelley Frerichs,

  • Church Planters in Lima, Peru

Cathy King

  • Pray for her ministry to women with Sabrina’s Hope.

Blane and Kelly Barfknecht Family (www.chalcohillsbaptist.com )

  • Church Planters with BCP at Chalco Hills Baptist Church in the Omaha area of NE

Lucas / Kimberly Warner ( www.facebook.com/WarneresinRomainia )

  • Serving in Romania with Baptist Mid-Missions.

Nicole Carr

  • Serving with Baptist Mid-Missions in Romania.
  • VBS and the teens are Nicole’s prayer requests for us this month.

The Boyds

  • Missionaries to Colombia with ABWE. (BoydHome.com )
  • Pastor training could begin by the end of summer!
  • The Church there is approved to build a building. Funds are being collected.

Henry John Family

  • With Baptist Mid-Missions serving in their native India
  • Molly needs a kidney transplant.
  • We await a report on the recent trip to India by the Johns and college students.

Pat and Bonnie Ryal

  • They are dealing with long-term effects of the chemo drugs the Dr. needed in order to go into remission with the cancer. An irregular heart rhythm is the latest issue. Pray they can still be of use to the Lord in Nicaragua and other Latin American areas.

George and Dottie Hatfield (http://ghatfield.ebm.org)

  • Campus Ministries at ISU in Ames
  • The new house is coming along fine. Moving day is July 21st.
  • Pray for the Sharbaughs — that the rest of their support will come in soon. The ministry so needs them full-time.
  • Plans for the fall ministry are going well. Pray for souls to be won/lives to change. (specific names on missions’ board)

Anna Beth Wivell (www.annabethwiv.com )

  • Pray for the team to be able to translate with accuracy. This is tedious work!

 Rhonda Green RN

  • Micronesian Medical Missions, Baptist Mid-Missions, Guam



The Mapes

  • With Baptist Mid-Missions – Ghana. At 85% support level – hoping to soon be back serving in Ghana.

Timothy and Jane Silcott Family (www.silcottministries.com )

  • With COME bringing an evangelistic outreach to small Churches.

Pat and Wendy Campbell

  • Baptist Mid-Missions, Missionaries to Peru
  • Pat got to go with the evangelistic baseball ministry team to the Dominican Republic.
  • Pray for their ministry presentations between now and when they return to the Campus in Peru.

Wesley and Sonia Chatla

  • International Gospel Missions – Church planting in India

The Phillips Family (www.phillips5.net) 

  • Team Church Planters in Chicagoland with Baptist Church Planters.

Mark and Leslie Boyd and Family

  • Church planting missionaries to Germany
  • After the teen team from the USA was there, a man accepted Christ!
  • A doctrinal statement is being formed. There has been discussion of a place for the Church to meet besides a living room. Pray for unity.

The Snells

  • Baptist Mid-Missions to Germany, now on deputation.
  • They will be our VBS missionary family this month.
  • September 17, 2017 is the date that they would desire to arrive in Neumarkt, Germany to help the Boyds with the Church being planted there.

James / Christen Taylor – Brazil (www.taylors4brazil.blogspot.com )

  • The trip back to Brazil was wonderful.
  • They returned for the 6th anniversary of the Church; five teens were baptized!
  • Pray for good health. It is winter; they are fighting colds!

 John and Bev Leonard (www.prayforjohnblog.wordpress.com)

  • Baptist Mid-Missions, in Brazil

David and Patti West

  • Gospel Mission of S.A. Pray remaining support is forthcoming.
  • They are on summer break from language school.
  • Another $835 per month is needed by the end of the year so that they can continue on to their field of service in Argentina!

Mark and Jennifer Tylavsky

  • Church Planters with CBM.
  • Their lives are suddenly moving very fast: Jennifer now has a job teaching in the DelMarVa area, so this means the Tylavsky family can move to their area of ministry.
  • Pray that paperwork comes through promptly to enable housing, needed finances for the move, and for schooling decisions that must be made rather quickly for the children.

Joy Akkermann

  • Baptist Mid-Missions headed to the jungles of Peru
  • She has done much translation for the visiting nurse and for a visual aids course. The latter was taught by Wendy Campbell!
  • Joy has begun to teach an adult English class which gives her new contacts and friendships. The Campbell Family (campbellfamily.com)
  • They are in Murdo, South Dakota.
  • Two of the children got to attend a Bible Camp at Sturgis – first camp experience without their folks there as counselors!
  • Pray for the upcoming baptismal service!

Mark, Anahi, and Sophia Self

  • Church planters/Serving in Argentina.
  • The police ministry continues as the Selfs are on a short furlough to the USA.
  • Inauguration of the main floor of the new church building is to be September 30th. Pray that everything continues on schedule with the Self family away for the summer.

Rick and Elaine Fessel

  • Assisting the German Missionaries in Eichstatt, Germany (BMM)
  • The Bible Conference for Persian speaking men was well-attended.
  • The German pastor of the Eichstatt Church is in the U.S. Pray for the Fessels as they carry on in his absence.

Ben and Katie Wooster

  • CBM Builders.
  • Kidren had Dr. appointments while the family came to IA for CBM Family Conference. Their next report will share the results.
  • Money for the 5th wheel trailer is still needed BY THE END OF AUGUST.

The Hemsworth Family

  • On deputation to serve at Missionary Acres.
  • Check out their new website: hemsworths2ma.com
  • Their goal is to be at full support by June 30, 2018.
  • Missionary Acres needs the abilities the Hemsworths have and are willing to put to use there. Pray that support comes in speedily!

The Barry Farlow family

  • Serving with Baptist Mid-Missions in Brazil in Church and Seminary teaching.
  • Pray for the Farlows as they come to the States for furlough. Pray for their travel safety, Mark’s Type 1 diabetes (Prescriptions from Brazil are not valid here!), and that they get some rest during the furlough time!
  • Praise God that some Bibles in the language the Haitian immigrants can read recently were brought down from the States!




LET’S PRAY, GIVE, AND GO TO OUR NEIGHBORS AND CO-WORKERS! IF WE ARE ALL FAITHFUL IN OUR TASK, THE JOB WILL GET DONE! Pray for FBBC and Seminary students as they return from ministry teams, Pastor Capon, State GARBC Rep.(Pray for a couple of IA Churches are close to closing! ☹), the online Bible study for kids at www.iToadU.com ; Shepherd’s; Alpha Women’s Center; our KJAN Radio Broadcast and our website: www.fbcbrayton.org ; IARBC statewide ministries; Baptist Children’s Home Ministries; and Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh. Pray for Israel/the Jews. Pray that we will see those who need the Lord in our own neighborhoods. Pray for VBS. Pray that kids can attend Church on Sunday. Pray that families in this area will see the need of boys and girls to hear the Gospel and to grow spiritually every week through: Sunday School, Children’s Church ministries.

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